i3 Reference Card


Throughout this guide, the i3 logo will be used to refer to the configured modifier. This is the key (Mod1) by default, with super/ (Mod4) being a popular alternative.


+ open new terminal
+ j focus left
+ k focus down
+ l focus up
+ ; focus right
+ a focus parent
+ toggle focus mode

Moving windows

+ + j move window left
+ + k move window down
+ + l move window up
+ + ; move window right

Modifying windows

+ f toggle fullscreen
+ v split a window vertically
+ h split a window horizontally
+ r resize mode

Look at the “Resizing containers / windows” section of the user guide.

Changing the container layout

+ e default
+ s stacking
+ w tabbed


+ + toggle floating
+ drag floating

Using workspaces

+ 0-9 switch to another workspace
+ + 0-9 move a window to another workspace

Opening applications / Closing windows

+ d open application launcher (dmenu)
+ + q kill a window

Restart / Exit

+ + c reload the configuration file
+ + r restart i3 inplace
+ + e exit i3

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