i3wm T-shirts

Stefan Schroeder
December 2013
Table of Contents

1. You can show everybody your appreciation for i3wm by wearing our t-shirt

The i3wm team is collaborating with a shirt manufacturer in Germany that provides high quality t-shirts with a cool i3wm logo.

Since the website is in German only, we want to help with your order in case that German is not your primary language.

1.1. The shirt

The shirt is black, has white text and the light blue official i3wm logo. It is available in eight sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL).

1.2. The order process for new customers

Open https://alter-shop.freddruck.de/ in your browser.

In the navigation bar on the left, select i3-tiling window manager.

Select the link below the shirt of your choice. (At the time of this writing only black was available.)

On the next page you can select the size (Größe) and the number of shirts (=Anzahl) of that size you want to order.

Add to cart by clicking in den Korb.

In the upper right corner click Kasse (checkout).

You now have to register with the freddruck-website. Click "Weiter" below the left white box titled "Neuer Kunde" (new customer).

On the next page you have to supply your personal information:


First name


Last name


Birth date, format DD.MM.YYYY


Company name, if applicable


Street and number


ZIP code




Country (“Bitte wählen” means please choose)


Phone number. Don’t forget your country code, e.g. +1-555-2368.


Fax number


A checkbox for whether you want to receive their newsletter.





Then click “Weiter” (Continue).

On the next page you should get the confirmation that your account was successfully created. (“Ihr Konto wurde mit Erfolg eröffnet!”)

You will also get a confirmation email about the creation of the account (that’s not your order yet!).

Click “Weiter” (Next) to continue.

On the next page you can review your destination address.

The text field allows you to add a comment. Just leave it blank.

Click “Weiter” again, to choose the payment options.

On the payment page you can choose your method of payment:

Offered are

  • Check (to be sent in advance)

  • Paypal

  • on pickup

On the next page you can finally confirm your order.