i3 - improved tiling WM

i3-2.png VIM, MPlayer

Latest Videos

Screencast thumbnail
Screencast of v4.1

This video (5 min) shows the basic features of i3:

  • Layouts, Focus, Moving, Workspaces
  • dmenu, Floating Windows, Resizing

Watch it on YouTube or download it (18 MB).

containers and tree data structure thumbnail
Screencast: Containers and tree data structure

Explains how i3 works internally so that you can fully understand what's going on. I expect you to have watched the screencast on v4.1 already.

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tech talk thumbnail
Google Tech Talk about i3

This video (1 hour) is an introduction to i3, explaining our motivation, a bit of history, some cool features and how we develop.

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screen cast series thumbnail
Series of screencasts on installing, using and configuring i3

This three-part series of screencasts created by Alex Booker illustrates what i3 is, how to use it, how to configure it, and how to customize its appearance. (1 hour, 40 minutes)

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To get a quick impression of i3, have a look at these screenshots.

(Screenshot) Vimperator, VIM, MPlayer, dzen2
Vimperator, VIM, MPlayer, dzen2
(Screenshot) Vimperator, VIM, xpdf, bc
Vimperator, VIM, xpdf, bc
(Screenshot) PCManFM, ROXTerm, evince
PCManFM, ROXTerm, evince

(Screenshot) i3 logo out of terminals
i3 logo out of terminals
(Screenshot) VIM, zsh, i3status (FreeBSD)
VIM, zsh, i3status (FreeBSD)
(Screenshot) GIMP, urxvt (both floating)
GIMP, urxvt (both floating)

(Screenshot) mc, xosview, MPlayer, irssi, gajim
mc, xosview, MPlayer, irssi, gajim
(Screenshot) git, synergy, htop, urxvt
git, synergy, htop, urxvt
(Screenshot) VIM, git, MPlayer, i3bar
VIM, git, MPlayer, i3bar

(Screenshot) Right-to-left titles
Right-to-left titles
(Screenshot) dzen2, VIM, bash, top
dzen2, VIM, bash, top